RECEPTION: Saturday, July 9th, 2011 (5pm – 10pm)
405 South B Street, Suite 3, Oxnard, CA 93033

Project One Night Stand presents, “For This Purpose Only”, an experimental group show of site-specific work including painting, sculpture, video and installation. The exhibition runs from July 9th through July 30th, 2011 with an opening reception Saturday, July 9th from 5pm to 10pm. The show will feature work by contemporary artists from Los Angeles, Oxnard and the Bay Area including Curt Lemieux, Kristina Farragher, SaeRi Cho Dobson, Gul Cagin, Ichiro Irie, Aska Iida, Christine Morla, Aaron Dadacay, Gladys Rodriguez, Olguin Tapia, Maria Villote, Raul J. Valdez, Sara Kono, Cole Montgomery, Eric Vrymoed, and David Bell.

Project O.N.S. will piece together fragmented trails of historical facts and fallacies, to reconstruct a site’s identity based on their experiential understanding of the physical location; in this case, a former law office in Downtown Oxnard. The legal term “For This Purpose Only” or “Ad Hoc” in Latin shorthand, is re-contextualized to fit in an art discourse that challenges the meaning of “purpose” as used in the legal term in relation to the exhibition site. Furthermore, the exhibition will demonstrate the role of experimental art in transforming an operative purpose of a site, from a law office to a discursive location for art.

Artists will explore themes centered around the many legal services provided but not restricted to sexual harassment, child abuse, personal injury, birth injury, green card law, car accidents and medical malpractice, as a means of narrative, identity and thought provoking analysis.

Project O.N.S. is an ongoing series of hit and run, experimental art exhibits that take place in unexpected settings throughout Ventura County. It endeavors to function as a forum for exchange between emerging and established artists and a wide reaching public, as well as the exploration of unconventional spaces in the area.

A reception for the artists will take place Saturday July 9th, 5 to 10pm, at 405 South “B” Street, Oxnard, CA 93030. Gallery hours are by appointment only on Fridays and Saturdays from 12 to 4pm. For more information or to make an appointment please visit or reach Christine Morla at or (805) 986-5800, ext. 1929.


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