“Lumber |ˈləmbər|”

1. timber sawn into rough planks or otherwise partly prepared.
2. articles of furniture or other household items that are no longer useful and inconveniently take up storage space.
• figurative a collection of beliefs or concepts that are regarded as no longer valid and encumber one’s mental outlook.

Thursday, February 9, 2012 4:00pm

February 9 to March 8, 2012

Featuring works by:
David Bell
Aaron Dadacay
Maria Villote

Both verb and noun defines opposing terms, in which it can be labelled as either useful or obsolete, a constructive tool or merely a worthless burden. In this exhibition, three individuals collaboratively present a body of work that deals with re-identification, utilitarianism, and site specificity as they not only break the spacial boundaries, but also reconfigure the exterior within the interior.
These items often condemned as utilitarian objects are rendered useless by such gestures, almost like ornamentation because of works’ placement within an enclosed space. Indeed, the McNish Gallery in which the exhibition will be held was once identified as an idea of a home, now redundantly shares the sterility of the objects within its interior.

David Bell
After being raised on an ecological nature preserve in Murrieta, California, David Lucas Bell spent three years with the United States Forest Service fighting fires across Southern California and later worked as a Park Ranger in Central Florida, where he then decided to shift his focus to the arts. After two years of studying photography and design in Tampa, David traveled overseas and attended Santa Reparata International School of Art & Design in Florence, Italy, taking classes in architectural drawing.

He was later accepted to an Interdisciplinary Metafora School of Contemporary Art in Barcelona, Spain, where he dedicated his energy purely to sculpture and installation art. During this time, he took part in numerous collaborative shows that aimed to show conceptual work in alternative spaces. In the Fall of 2009, David elected to continue his study at UCLA . Through performance and mixed media installation he articulated his need to problematize human relationships with support structures that can be both physically and mentally obtrusive. He is active in the art community, participating in various collaborative shows throughout Los Angeles, most recently a duo show with Noah Spindler at Control Room, entitled Lean On Me. He is currently heading a project titled Dave Gallery, that aims to provide the necessary video equipment and prepitory work for serious artists wishing to display their work “professionally” albeit in non-traditional spaces.

David Bells’s brief statement about “Trough”
Trough (Troth)
“The beer trough exists to support the exhausted art viewer, although it may be the least user-friendly object-it is the most fun, fitting as many as four at a time. Everyone is invited to participate in the artists’ shared regression.”

Aaron Dadacay
“I was born and raised in the bureaucratic capital of the Philippines during a discourse of one martial lawed regime, a successful presidential impeachment, and two People’s Power revolutions. After finishing high school in an “all boys” institution, acquiring experience in technical drafting, I’ve decided to abandon the career field of architecture and instead, devote myself in the field of fine arts. I moved here in Ventura County at the age of sixteen and attended Oxnard college in 2004. There, I practiced art for four years and received an associate’s degree in studio arts. In fall of 2008, I was accepted in the UCLA arts program and there received a very promising degree in art. Now, I work for the Fowler Museum as a carpenter.”

Maria Villote
Villote received a B.A. in Art Practice from UC Berkeley. She has exhibited around Los Angeles and Ventura Counties and also the East Bay in places such as Jaus, 18th Street Arts Center and Upfront gallery. As one of the founding members and co-curator of ONS Projects (Project: One Night Stand), site-specific, experimental projects throughout Ventura county which feature the work of local students, emerging and established artists. Currently, she is living and working in Southern California.

I’m interested in the human experience, symbiosis, and the vicissitudes of the interaction between the work and the viewer/consumer. In the construct of a hypereality and the use of metaphors and parallels, I try to seduce my audience, playing on their expectations and assumptions based on their preconceived notions. Through the lure and allure, I pull the viewer in hoping that their experience and understanding of the work will unfold into a dialectic gaze.


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