“A true artist is not one who is inspired, but one who inspires others.” –Salvador Dali

The Oxnard College faculty is comprised of professional artists who balance an active studio practice in the midst of teaching, artists who are curators, artists who have been published and artists who have exhibited nationally and internationally.  Meet the Oxnard College Art Faculty:  Ichiro Irie, Christine Morla, Jackie Cavish, Kindah Brennan, Rainer Mack, and Ian Pines.  The community of Art values the contributions of our recently retired faculty member, Peggy Tranovich, as well as past contributing faculty members, Roger Lee and Monica Furmanski.

37. Morla_Traffic In The Sky_2005

Christine Morla teaches all levels of 2-dimensional art including  ART R104 Color & Design, ART R108/110 Painting, ART R115 Abstract Concepts and ART R106 Drawing.  From 2003-2006, she was an artist-in-residence at the 18th Street Arts Center in Santa Monica. Morla received her B.A. from Loyola Marymount University and her M.F.A. from Claremont Graduate University. Her work has been exhibited in Frankfurt, Germany, Mexico City, New York and L.A.. Currently, Morla is the director of the McNish Art Gallery and serves as a commissioner for the City of Oxnard’s Cultural Arts Commission.

Born in Tokyo and raised in Los Angeles, Ichiro Irie received his B.F.A. from U.C.S.B. and his M.F.A. from Claremont Graduate University.  In 2001, Irie went to Mexico City on a Fulbright Fellowship.  He has exhibited his work internationally in Tokyo, Mexico and Warsaw. Irie is the founder of RIM magazine, a contemporary art publication that focuses on art produced in L.A. and Mexico City. Currently, he is the gallery director of JAUS in Los Angeles. Irie teaches ART R106 Drawing, ART R108/110 Painting, ART R126 Life Drawing and ART R198 Portfolio/Gallery Presentation.

Past faculty members continue to be part of the community of Artists and contributors to the Art program at Oxnard College.  Past faculty member Monica Furmanski has taught ART R160 Digital Photography and ART R104 Color & Design. She received her B.F.A. from Scripps College and M.F.A from Claremont Graduate University and currently is the gallery director of 643 Project Space.  Furmanski has exhibited her work at the Williamson Gallery, Peggy Phelps Gallery, Raid Projects and the Huntington Beach Art Center.

Past faculty member Roger Lee has taught all levels of Sculpture courses.  Sharing his interest in both traditional and nontraditional practices, Lee explores the ideas of form and function in Ceramics with an interdisciplinary study in Sculpture.  He received his B.F.A from San Jose State University and his M.F.A from Clemson University in South Carolina.