Harmony Reverberates Optimism

Curated by Ronald Lopez
February 24 – March 24, 2010

The McNish Gallery at Oxnard College is proud to present the exhibition, “Harmony Reverberates Optimism,” guest-curated by L.A. artist Ronald Lopez. For this occasion Lopez has decided to bring attention to a group of women who deal with issues of social justice, human frailty and global awareness in a show entitled Harmony Reverberates Optimism. Artists include SaeRi Cho Dobson, Kristin Ross Lauterbach, Christina Lee Storm, Ofunne obiamiwe, Lea Redmond, and Azadeh Tajpour.

Harmony Reverberates Optimism opens to the public on Wednesday, February 24, 4-6pm, with an artist lecture at 5:00 pm at Oxnard College’s McNish Gallery and will run from February 24th through March 24th, 2010. The McNish Gallery is located at 4000 S. Rose Avenue, Oxnard, CA 93030.

Considering the recent woes of our nation, including recession and war; fear and despair might characterize the average American household. Thus, Lopez has decided to curate a show that brings about social awareness and, in turn, can lead to actions that build hope for the future. His aim is to be a positive voice in a sea of pessimistic prognosticators.

Included in the show will be video stills from emerging documentary filmmakers Kristin Ross Lauterbach & Christina Lee Storm who will present “Flesh,” a narrative on women caught in America’s sex trafficking business. SaeRi Cho Dobson’s sculptural installation, entitled “7 Deadly Seams,” is an installation that reveals some of the most revolting lawsuit actions brought against the local “mom and pop” style dry cleaning businesses across our country. Other works include Iranian artist Azadeh Tajpour, who presents subtle installations of shredded paper strewn across the ground that have printed on them the various names of those who have lost their lives in Iraq as well as Ofunne Obiamiwe’s “Status of Women,” an interactive project inspired by Facebook that celebrates contemporary woman and their leading roles in their respective fields. And finally, Lea Redmond attempts to raise social consciousness in her project that “maps” clothing labels around the world. Each of these women brings a passion that seeks to push the envelope in an effort to bring about positive change.

Film preview and discussion: “Flesh”
Discussion with Kristin Ross Lauterbach and Christina Lee
Friday, March 12, 2010 at 7pm

Please check out the website for other exhibit related projects at http://www.adenistanbul.net/harm_rev_opt.htm


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