New Sculptures

Matthew Furmanski
September 5 – October 6, 2006

Oxnard College presents New Sculptures, a solo exhibition by Ventura County Artist, Matthew Furmanski, featuring furniture sculptures and wave drawings. New Sculptures are reflective of the artist’s long-standing interest in industrial and environmental design. For over a decade, he has created “functional” objects, and for the first time, he will exhibit this body of work to the public. As a Professor of Sculpture, Matthew Furmanski is interested in exploring the perceptions of the “use of value” of objects, and the intersection of “design and “art”.

In conjunction with New Sculptures, Matthew will exhibit a conceptual body of work entitled, Wave Drawings. This work involves two “buoys” he has created as markers or drawing machines. The buoys use the forces of the tide, current and waves to make a two-dimensional drawing that he records with photography. The result is a series of gestural mark-makings and intimate moments of the movement of light in a deep space.

Matthew Furmanski has exhibited at venues throughout the United States including the Huntington Beach Art Center, Post, The Armory, Raid Projects and the Wignall Museum. His work has been reviewed in various publications such as Art in America, the Los Angeles Times, and Coast Magazine. Currently, Matthew is a Professor of Sculpture at California State University-Channel Islands and the Vice Chair of Public Art Commission in Ventura.


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