Chuck Moffit, Tameka Norris, Hilde Overbergh and Daniel Aksten. Curated by Osvaldo Trujillo

September 1 – September 24, 2010

The McNish Gallery at Oxnard College is proud to present the exhibition, “Not Just a Shelter”, featuring sculpture and paintings by artists Chuck Moffit, Tameka Norris and Hilde Overbergh. In conjunction with the show, Daniel Aksten will be exhibiting a mix of new and old paintings in the project space. The two exhibitions were guest-curated by L.A. artist Osvaldo Trujillo. An opening reception will take place on September 7, with an opening reception from 4-6pm and an artist talk at 5pm.

The exhibition Not Just a Shelter brings together the work of three artists interested in the subject of a house as an individual. Throughout it’s life, the house is stamped with the human hands that craft it, the hands that call it home. A house is the physical manifestation of the American Dream. Success and prosperity are objectified in the home we created for ourselves. This home is our self-portrait to the world. Fresh paint shows new beginnings while cracks in the foundation show a crumbling deconstruction. In a time defined by economic turmoil, the disintegrated homes portray the atrophy of this very dream. This show is a study of that same crumbling deconstruction, not only of our homes, but of ourselves. Personal suffering is echoed in the decaying facade of our homes.

In conjunction with the exhibition, a second exhibition entitled Synopsis, will take place in the project gallery. L.A. artist Daniel Aksten will show a series of work that distinguishes itself in three genres, sculpture, shallow relief or painting. Exceptionally clean deliberate edges compliment an almost random design. Primarily influenced by the work of Peter Halley and Lari Pittman, Aksten has continually treated the painting as an object and investigated the elements that comprise it; resemblance then representation.

The guest-curator of the two exhibitions is L.A. artist Osvaldo Trujillo. He has shown work at POST Gallery, Peggy Phelps Gallery, Art FrankFurt, Germany, and is represented by Cb1 Gallery. Trujillo graduated with an MFA from Claremont Graduate University, Los Angeles and currently is teaching at USC and Loyola Marymount University.

Special thanks to Clyde Beswick from CB1 Gallery who represents Tameka Norris, Hilde Overbergh and Daniel Aksten.



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