Woman to Woman

Curated by Peggy Tranovich
March 10 – April 16, 2009

The McNish Gallery at Oxnard College is proud to present the exhibition, “Woman to Woman: Intergenerational Conversations about Art”, featuring works by women members of the Oxnard College community, including administrators, faculty, and students.

Join us to see what art can say about where women have been – and where they are going. Woman to Woman opens Tuesday, March 10, 4:00- 6:00 pm with an artist talk at 5:00 pm. The exhibition gives both audience and contributors the opportunity to ponder issues of age and gender in specific works of art. Christine Morla’s intricate woven floral compositions and Julie Lovejoy’s works reflect the connection of women and weaving; student Maria Villote’s edgy images confronting death and disintegration; and Gwen Huddleston-Lewis’ humorous and thoughtful reactions to male domination, the exhibition seeks to explore the varied relationships of gender and art. Additional artists include Jackie Cavish, Janet Neuwalder, Lynn Gottesfeld, Jennifer Campbell, Eleanor Brown, Gina Lawson-Egan, Jen Chi Wu, and Claudia Pardo-McFadyen. The aim of the exhibition is to connect women of different generations with each other in a conversation that encompasses the many issues and avenues of artistic representation available to today’s female artist.

The curator of the exhibition is art historian and Oxnard College faculty member Peggy Tranovich.


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